What representation do you have of a donkey?


That of the mule’s head?
That of the donkey who only advances with a carrot?
or the deceitful animal ready to kick you?
Or the dunce at school with his dunce cap?
Perhaps you are thinking of Buridan’s donkey, undecided until the end…

Depending on our culture and our time, the representative of the donkey varies from one extreme to another. For those who liked Shrek, you might have a more likeable depiction of the donkey.

In reality, the donkey is an animal that needs to be reassured. He observes the obstacles before launching. He is a cautious animal. A donkey learns but does not train. He abhors despots and has an excellent memory.

A donkey pampered and well understood by its masters will give complete satisfaction. The donkey is a workhorse still used by man for towing, carrying, plowing and more recently for strolling and leisure hiking. He is very patient with young children who can approach him without too much risk. The donkey is a good guardian: it has no equal to give the alert when something “wrong” in its environment by uttering its famous cry “the braying”. »

By its behavior, the donkey is a mirror, it reflects what we are and especially what we do not want to see of ourselves. Everyone is someone else’s jerk after all. The mission of the donkey is to educate us to be neither shadow nor light. He invites us to be fair, to be aligned and centered.…

The zebra donkey: happy to be yourself colorful

The reference to the zebra is a tribute to the work of Madame Jeanne Siaud Facchin, psychologist and specialist in giftedness in France: “To be a zebra is to have an atypical personality, a way of thinking and therefore of reacting differently.

The rainbow welts of the donkey make the link with the place of emotions and their acceptance. Just like the unicorn Gaston who teaches children to manage their emotions, the donkey understands the message behind each emotion. By developing this inner compass, he is guided in his choices, his decisions. He works for what is good for him. He is autonomous and responsible, he knows how to meet his needs. He becomes the creator of his own happiness, colorful!

The link with DécliK

This drawing illustrates my own journey and, by extension, that of the clients I support.

My mission as a coach is to reveal you to yourself, to accompany you on your own path to knowledge, understanding, a prerequisite for a liberating and colorful unconditional acceptance.

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