Unleash your potential
Unleash the potential of your teams

20 years in multi-cultural environment, 10 years living abroad, expert in 3rd culture
15 years as a leader in competitive sectors (automotive and aeronautical industries)
+ 10 years of experience in Coaching for Performance
An innovative approach, based on motivational neuroscience

Coaching for Entrepreneurs & Leaders

  • Find your leadership style
  • Boost your career by focusing on your talents
  • Manage emotions in specific situations (conflict, public speaking, reframing interview, …)
  • Improve your relationships with others
  • Learn to communicate your thoughts effectively
  • Balancing your professional and personal life
  • Dare to give you the means to achieve your ambitions
  • Gain confidence in oneself and one’s possibilities
  • Find what makes sense in your professional life

Boost your company’s talents

How to appeal and keep the driving forces of your company

  • Know how to identify everyone’s talents
  • Start leading by playing their own strengths : understand their inner modes of operating, support them on their areas for improvement to ease their well-being at work
  • Communicate in a respectful and solution based manner
  • Learn how to deal with conflict with regards to individual capabilities
  • Learn how to set challenging targets with respect to individual capabilities
  • Boost multicultural awareness

Feasibility study for OPCO financing (Qualiopi) or CPF financing on demand.


Understanding stress factors

Bore Out and Burn Out : preventing, detecting, supporting

I approach this sensitive subject in accordance with your needs and company’s culture (conferences, workshops, real case studies, …).

Stress is like your ‘best enemy’. As a S-curve, you can play with it. Get up, then down, … Most important is to know where is your own cliff, this dangerous ‘point of no return’

  • Understand standard stress factors : it can come from having too much to do as well as feeling bored, not learning anything new, feeling like a robot forced to repeat the same activities again and again.
  • Get the ability to anticipate and prevent
  • Learn how to enjoy being committed without becoming overcommitted