Code of Ethics

    This code of ethics applies to all coaching interventions provided by DécliK.

    3 pillars support my coaching activity:

    • Its goals: to contribute, open and support
    • My responsibility: an obligation of means and not of result
    • My values: confidentiality, respect, integrity, trust and transmission


    As a coach, I deal with both professional and personal topics. The purposes of my missions are:

    • Contribute to the optimization of the capacities and resources specific to each person, each team or company.
    • Allow each entity (person and / or structure) to evolve in awareness and responsibility on the learning axes that are specific to them (better self-esteem, achievement of goal, problem solving, …). I pay particular attention to the dynamics of progress. My aim is to make you taking actions.
    • Provide you security and permission during the coaching phase so that you can make your own decisions, in consciousness and serenity. It is key to ensure that the customer retains full responsibility for his actions, decisions and behaviours.

    My responsibility is to accompany you in your own personal and/or professional development journey by providing you with all my knowledge, tools, methods. As such, I have an obligation of means and not of results. As a customer, you retain full responsibility for the result.

    Certified by the Institute of Applied Neurosciences in Personal and Professional Coaching, I use proven and mastered techniques. Aware of my responsibilities, I hereby certify that I am myself in a continuous learning process, in terms of personal development and business knowledge. As such, I am supervised by other coaches and psychologists to guarantee you the best service at all times.

    Note: for coaching contracts funded by a company, please refer to the terms of the contract, in particular for the specificities related to the tripartite nature of the contract.

    • Confidentiality: I guarantee you the strict confidentiality of information related to you and your environment. Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) can be signed on customer request.
    • Respect: I practice my profession as a coach in compliance with fundamental human rights and French law.
    • Integrity: I reserve the right to refuse a contract if I feel that I am not able to honour it in my own level of requirement or in compliance with my values.
    • Trust: basic of my supporting relationship, for an effective and safe coaching.
    • Transmission: one of my deep motivations is to make you autonomous as soon as you can.