To live your own way with pleasure and serenity

Who am I ?

My name is Karine Franz, with a O as offbeat.

When the psychologist at work identified me as gifted, she gave me a clue to understand myself. The track turned out to be winding and longer than I imagined. It took me 9 months (strangely in sync with the duration of a pregnancy) for me to truly connect with what this possible label meant to me.

With a logical-mathematical intelligence, I was reassured to understand that my giftedness is explained by some different characteristics of my brain (thank you Neurosciences!). For me, this translates into an almost continuous and fast thought. I make connections, I anticipate, I plan, I organize, … I think fast and a lot. Another characteristic concerns my feelings. I feel things intensely.
To the point that I had cut myself off from certain emotions, as I felt unable to manage them as a child.

This inner adventure was a difficult experience, certainly. By questioning some of my foundations, I saw some walls collapse… that I thought were carriers. They were actually limiting. I feel much more solid, much more serene since. Because I understood the impact of this deep feeling of misunderstanding, of being out of the boxes. I was able to review my protective mechanisms, my masks developed as my life course progressed.

Whole and self-confident, I went to implosion. The work environment has been my playground limit. Not understanding me, my efforts to comply were in vain. I was swimming against the current. I first bored out. And then, Burn Out as exit. Finally a real opportunity to put myself back in the direction of the current, the one that makes sense for me, and to reconvert me. I understood the common thread of my professional career from my beginning as a professor in higher education, through my way of managing my teams in the industrial sector.

My mission as a coach is to make you autonomous, aware and responsible for your choices.
So if this word “shift” resonates with you.
If you want to be able to live your shifts in pleasure and serenity, contact me.

Looking forward to supporting you on your inner adventure: ‘Become who you are’!

* Gifted, zebra, precocious child (and what about the adult then?) :
these different
labels are “to be consumed in moderation”, my identity is much richer than a label or a box.

I went through a few very unpleasant steps before understanding myself, accepting myself and finding my place. The difficulties, the associated suffering seemed natural to me. The feeling of loneliness no. Not at all. I think that of all the experiences, it is this feeling of being misunderstood that has hurt me the most. 

Is this feeling of loneliness an obligation to reconstruction, to a quest for identity ? I am firmly convinced of the opposite. That’s why I decided to support Gifted and Highly Sensitive profiles.

To offer you a space for listening and understanding. A protected space where you can dare to become who you are.
Through my coaching, I bring you to listen to yourself, to understand you, to respect you. I am an open door to your own potential.
Whatever area1 you’re struggling with right now, that potential is there. Misunderstood and therefore untapped.

1 The relationship with oneself, the field of life in love, family, friend or job

Who is my support for?

Through my background and my profile, I am made to understand people who think in another way.
This is why I prefer to address people like Gifted and Highly Sensitive profiles.

How can I be sure that I’m Gifted ?

  • your IQ test has confirmed your Giftedness: you think fast and a lot
  • your thinking is sometimes uncontrolled, giving you the impression that your brain is constantly ‘grinding’
  • you feel everything with intensity
  • you are (over)engaged, (over)committed

You have a Highly Sensitive Profile if you :

  • have a tree-like thought, giving you the feeling that your brain is constantly ‘grinding’
  • feel everything with intensity
  • are (over)engaged, (over)committed


3 circles

My philosophy as a coach

My support is based on several resource beliefs, which underpin my philosophy as a coach:

Each person has all the necessary resources to be who she wants to become.
As a coach, I will focus on making you aware of:

  • your values,
  • your needs,
  • your talents,
  • and what remains to be done to unleash your full potential.

Each person is unique and has his own logic of operating.
I’m your challenging supporter while you work on becoming who you are.

Only desire, urge allow us to move mountains, to hold ‘on the distance’, to make possible what seems impossible to others.

I’m certified in Neurosciences, and more particularly in motivation based on Neurosciences. I can testimony : there is no way back as soon as you get closer from your own happiness.

My Framework: the SEE Triangle (Secure / Enable / Empower)

My Mission
Unleash your potential and make you autonomous in your own development

My Way
I provide you protection, a safe environment based on listening and understanding. As you feel Secured, you are becoming comfortable enough to remove some internal brakes (fears, limiting beliefs, …). This second step (the Enablement) is required before connecting you to your deep power, your potential. Once this is done, Empowerment is the last stage to dare to become who you are regardless of external expectations on you

My Role
I’m your challenging supporter 

SEE Triangle

My offer in 7 steps

7 steps

My offer consists in 7 steps:

1/ Knowledge: to open oneself to a new understanding

2/ Understanding: based on this new understanding, you reconsider situations with another viewpoint

3/ Consciousness: when we open ourselves to other possibilities, we become aware of some of our own beliefs, values, …

4/ Choice: awareness allows us to give ourselves the choice, to become the creator of our realities again

5/ Actions: once the choice is made, it is time to take action. Each action is a step towards achieving your goal

6/ Change (effective): naturally, small step after small step, change becomes reality. The way I behaved, the way I acted has build my current reality

7/ Closing: it is then time to become aware of all the progresses made, to congratulate yourself and to anchor your new skills / abilities / beliefs …